Please read, Official club Membership

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Please read, Official club Membership

Post  Admin on Fri Jan 04, 2013 11:05 pm

Hello and welcome

The Official owners club was formed end of January 2013,
From the start the Warrior Boats Owners Club has always intentionally remained independent of Warrior Boats Ltd, unlike some other boat owner’s clubs
which are run by the boat builders almost as a branch of their PR activities. However we are on good terms with Warrior Boats LTD, and enjoyed their
cooperation and input. They help bring our existence to the attention of their customers, they are always willing to help out with technical queries if they
can, which shows their customer care is second to none.

The Owners club was started to bring the many proud Warrior Boats
Owners together, Discussion from Warrior 150, 165, 170, 175, 195, Pro Angler, 6mtr
owners about their boats. Likeminded individuals sharing a common
interest and swapping fishing tips, ideas, etc.?

To join the Official Warrior Boats Owner Club as a member
please download and fill out the membership form below,
and email to the address below,
Upon joining you will get a, membership number. This number will
allow you to obtain discounts, also to be entered into future prize draws.

Everyone will also have full access to the Official Warrior Boats Owners Forum.
All discounts and any competitions will be offered to active members only,
To join the Owners Club please download the PDF
membership form, and email to the address below.

If you wish to have your boat featured in the members
photo gallery please email your photos also to the
email below

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